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Online slot Alien Robots

Online slot Alien Robots
Alien Robots
Available in a casino
Info: Today, perhaps, only the corporation Net Entertainment is the most progressive of gambling manufacturers. The company’s developers were invented and published a lot of interesting slots, which are still quite popular with players. One such their creation is “Alien Robots” with the main thematic – the story about bots from other planets that is about ETS. User will receive a long road and he will have side by side to collaborate and battle the aliens, to win the prize. The entertainment picks us into the far future. At present the world is run by bots of any size, format and color. A number of them can be elasticity or operate the free spins. If you are in the Alien Robots slot game you deserve a shot to gain in 243 ranges to operate the free spins with expanded Wild signs and to make the max rate of 150 euro. The max benefit can reach 50 000 coins, which at max denomination of coin of 0,5 euro will be 25 000 euro. The developer presents the return to 96%.
  • Paylines: 243
  • Reels: 5
  • Software:
  • RTP: 96.3%
  • Coins per line: 1-5
  • TOP symbol (coins): 10 000
  • Max. win (coins): 50 000
  • Variability: Medium
  • AutoPlay: Yes
  • Coins Range: $0.01-$0.5
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Wild symbol: Yes
  • Scatter: Yes
  • Bonus game: No
  • Multiplier: Yes

Alien Robots screenshots

Online slot Alien Robots Slot Alien Robots Alien Robots screenshot Alien Robots interface screenshot Slot Alien Robots Slot machine Alien Robots
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Alien Robots Slot Review

From the beginning of the Alien Robots slot free play; you will dip into the environment, where the night is domination. All the action plays come against the backdrop of the nighttime, so graphics seems mysterious and wonderful. Across the sky will move the characters as robots. All graphics are done in bright colors that call attention and provide the opportunity to concentrate on the gaming process. The mystical sound and outstanding graphics combine to offer the party to move from reality to virtuality this cartoon where they wait for positive feelings from the game and, of course, payouts. Slot machine Alien Robots is among the class of video slots. Alien Robots video slot was launched in 2012. Progressive in those days was the possibility to use 243 ranges – that is, if serial signs from right to left in any order will give you a benefit. This slot game mixes two of the payouts systems. The game is 30+243 ranges. Actually the game works in parallel on two machines – one is played on 30 ranges in a standard set of ranges, and the other is following the rules pays 243.

Play Alien Robots Slot

As for game operating, it is quite simple and intuitive. First, the player should learn the section PAYTABLE to be conscious of which combo and how many payments guarantees. In addition, this tab hides the information about the basic rules of the game, which in any case, a participant needs to know. Then you need to choose the suitable size of the rate by using the BET LEVEL function. In this game the rate is closely linked with the number of ranges. It, by the way, the participant may adjust in its sole discretion. The only difference of this slot from the others in that in addition to the usual ranges the player can use the game option “+243” which activates the winning combos. During use this function, from the user’s account is removed twice the rate, but it has a much greater chance of winning than when playing on normal ranges. These possibilities are described in the section next to the PAYTABLE amounts for the standard combo. For instance, if for any winning combo the gambler will receive a bonus, it is still a certain amount will be to his benefit. In time the play on the max rates and in the event of addition of decent combos such that the functionality is very useful. When a player will deal with rates and active ranks, he can begin to spin the drums through the key with double-arrow or autoplay. The last gives him an opportunity to execute launch games in auto regime.

The Payouts Structure in Alien Robots Video Slot

  • If red bot drops on any of the 30 ranges – you will get range rate increased by 10 000.
  • If red bot drops on every drum left-to-right independently of which range it turned out (jther than playing 30) – you will get the rate per range increased by 1 500.
  • It is worth nothing that only paid the max winning combo of signs. For instance, if you dropped the red bots in the declarer range (30) – you will only get credit 10 000 multiplied by the rate per range is 1 500 coins, although on all 5 drums are red bots. Back for example if you rotate 4 red bots playing the rate (1 of 30), and the fifth robot is not on the range, you will receive 1500 rates on the range 4 of the robot on the playing range and 1 500 rates on the range for 5 bots in the regime of the 243 pays.

Free Games in Alien Robots Slot No Deposit

Slot machine Alien Robots has no bonus game, but is in readiness to offer its gamblers the free games bonus, throughout which wild signs will be placed vertically just a reel substantially growing the benefits.

  • Three or more Scatter signs in any place activate the bonus free games.
  • Three Scatter signs are amount to ten free plays, four – twenty, and five – fifty.
  • In time the free plays bonus three Scatter signs operate extra rotation.
  • In time Free spin regime Wild signs on a winning range rates or rates result increased features.
  • Sticky wild signs grow and cover the entire drum (vertical). They are remaining in their positions while the other drums spin again in the hope of biggest winnings.
  • Advanced Sticky wild signs return to classic Wild after one re-spin.

Resume of The Description of The Alien Robots Online Slot

Alien Robots is not just a breathtaking video slot with an interesting looking story, but quite a profitable machine. The newly entered component that allows you to increase payouts, it is an attractive feature of Alien Robots slot free spins that gravitates all the bigger gambling audience.

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